Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Teacher Planning

The LAST thing I want to do ALL DAY when I first return, is sit in the cafetorium (I know this sounds somewhat like an insane asylum where human flesh is consumed, but what else am I supposed to call this multipurpose food service, performance studio?) on the world's worst designed group seating.  I mean really, why didn't we opt for long tables with continuous benches?  Why did we go with round tops with tiny round seats? Who likes sitting on those?  Clearly you can't get have more than 5 friends, because the lack of seating will cause fights at the lunch table every. single. day.  This is high school after all, the drama seeps from the walls.

Anyways.  I digress.

I understand that these meetings are "important" and that there is documentation that needs to be reviewed, signed, and collected.  I just think this meeting would be better off later... or done by Google Classroom assignments.   I can't believe I sat for 8 hours and "participated", yet have no idea what I learned.  This is what students must feel like.  What a good reminder of what not to do in my classes...

Give me a checklist and a scavenger hunt like you do for end-of-the-year checkout.  I'll get it done.  You can sign off on it, it can be official documentation.

UPDATE:  One week later...

Here is a pretty picture of my door.  Our faculty theme this year is RISE.  (Because, well, we were a B school last year, so...)  Immediately I knew I wanted to use the phrase "Rise and Grind," but since this is high school and everything can be taken "the wrong way," I'm hoping this coffee theme will lessen that incorrect interpretation.  And maybe it will even get me a cup or two of Starbucks from brown-nosing, tardy students who want to win me over.  (No bribes.  They don't work.)

I don't have any other "AFTER" pictures to post yet.  I DID manage to turn in my emergency sub plans, lesson plans for chemistry & environmental science for two weeks, made copies (read printed a lot from my printer), arranged my supply boxes, spray painted my Expo marker holders for each desk, and hung part of my decorations.

I must admit, going in to year TEN (!!!), I am the least prepared that I've ever been.  And I'm kind of okay with it.  I have plans, I have a general semester outline, I'll gradually get it all down in ink (and on Google Classroom), I just didn't spend the summer obsessing.  And, it was really great!  As much last minute notice gives me hives, I really know that I'll be great once I get into the swing of things, and having a TRUE SUMMER OFF was bliss!

Ok, gotta pack lunches and set the timer on the coffee pot.  I've got to go in early tomorrow to hide the chaos and put on my first day smile.  

Happy first day to all of my teacher friends! #BestYearEver